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DVMVGE KY$' 182 Full-Print Big Tee


DVMVGE 182' Full-Print Big Tee

Comes in One Size/XXlrg/Unisex
Length: 75 cm
Chest: 68 cm
Shoulder: 65 cm

DAMAGE KY$ Collection

KILL. YOUR. SELF."Cyber Bully" x "Trolling" Culture

Exploring various online social media outlets, the obvious existence to "cyber abuse" become highly apparent. Motivated to develop a collection surrounding this topic, we attempted to create a conceptual based, visual narrative targeting the darker controversial elements surrounding these online platforms. Inspired by the world of today's "social media generation", we incorporate the attitude x encounter associated to the average "hater" disposition.

'182 Capsule'

Developing some added depth to this collection, is featured a small but special collaborative'182' titled project. Invited were four creative online personalities. They were all chosen from their strong sense of self expression, style and overall prominence within this online community, meanwhile identifying some connection to the emergence of the "IG Diva", and the exposure to it's prolific "cyber trolling". Utilizing some text x photographic screenshot images from each of the individual's 'IG' accounts, we integrated these materials within the '182' capsule's new sublimation textile design

They are :
Josephine (@princessgollum ),
Plaaastic (@plaaastic ),
Maxine (@maxineashley ),
Jasmine (@jasmandreamer )

Oversize full digital pat.
Only Only one size XXlrg.
length 80 cm
sleeve 27 cm
shoulder 57 cm