AMPM is a multi-purpose underground select shop space based in Taipei,Taiwan.
The shop was founded by creatives ‘AMPM Andy’ and 'Petshopsgirl Joe' in 2005.

It has built it’s reputation over the years as a interactive space attempting to develop street culture in the city,while manufacturing,and selling contemporary fashion lifestyle products locally,and abroad.

AMPM is sometimes used as a venue curating different types of events such as underground parties,shows,designer pop-ups,markets,and various other artistic exhibitions.

Recently for it’s newly expanded location,during it's regular open hours it offers a unique skate lounge/coffee bar with a mini-ramp (for actual skateboarding purposes…) so patrons who skate,are able to drop in for a drink,and enjoy the facilities.

AMPM is also the official flagship store for ‘Damage Group’ brand.
'Damage Group' is a contemporary lifestyle brand based off realities of living in the 21st century and beyond.

Damage was developed and created by the owners of AMPM Space.
They’re major inspiration is drawn usually by dark satirical references relating to technological omnipresence, geopolitics, and pop culture,utilizing varied imagery and repurposed logos derived from elements concerning those concepts of globalization, conflict, and corporate consumerism to represent the way in which our lives are being molded through high-tech development and global interconnectivity of the modern world.

‘Damage Group’ is a street level, avant garde clothing line,created with quality standards,and functionality.