• Image of DVMVGE WWiii Spandex Vest Top
  • Image of DVMVGE WWiii Spandex Vest Top
  • Image of DVMVGE WWiii Spandex Vest Top

DVMVGE WWiii Spandex Vest Top
made with 100% Lycra/Mesh
One Size
Waist 62 cm / 24 inch (flexible)
Length 45 cm

The Damage WWiii Collection is closely based on society’s dependence on and conditioning through technology.

The ‘Nintendo Wii’ logo is referenced as a satirical flip of WWiii or : ‘World War III'. This satirical take on the console logo represents the way in which video games and cyberspace have come to determine our identity and even existence, with people's lives now controlled by their digital representation and interaction.

The collection attempts to create a dialogue about emotional detachment through technology, as well commenting on the way in which modern digital life has been militarized and used for intelligence purposes. The collection ultimately carries echoes of the grand theme of 'Man vs. Machine'.

Each of the WWiii collection seasons have their own individual incorporated sub- themes:
The S/S15 line seeks to express the interconnection of surveillance and social media, to the point where our usage of social media serves as a form of surveillance we conduct upon ourselves.

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