• Image of DVMVGE 'FTWcollection' Surf Shorts
  • Image of DVMVGE 'FTWcollection' Surf Shorts
  • Image of DVMVGE 'FTWcollection' Surf Shorts

Features 'DuckTek3D' cloaking technology.
Urban Bullet Camo / Hardware full digital pat.
Comes with DMG stretch belt.
Made with light Nylon material.
(*For full print & collage type pieces,ie.'BulletCamo'pat.- not every one pattern for an item is the same...)

'Damage' is a contemporary concept and lifestyle brand based off the modern realities of life in the 21st century and into the future. We draw satirical inspiration from technological omnipresence, geopolitics, and pop culture to make a street-inspired, avant garde clothing line created with sound quality standards and functionality.

Our current 'FTW' and 'WWiii' collections uses varied imagery and repurposed logos relating to globalization, modern military conflicts, and corporate consumerism to represent the way in which our lives are being changed through high-tech development and global interconnectivity.

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